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Help for Children

You Are Not Alone

Roughly 10% of incarcerated parents in state prison have a child in a foster home or other state care.  Some estimates indicate that as many as 1 in 8 children who are subjects of reports of maltreatment and investigated by child welfare agencies have parents who were recently arrested.   Though there is clearly overlap between the prison system and the child welfare system, it is often difficult for prison officials to know how to help incarcerated parents stay in touch with their children in foster care and work towards reunification.  Similarly, it is difficult for child welfare agencies to know how to engage parents in prison.  The purpose of this toolkit is to help facilitate communication and cooperation between child welfare agencies and federal prisons so that parents can stay engaged in their children’s lives (youth.gov).  

Finding support

It is very important to lean on family and friends during this time and accept help that is available to you. We appreciate that this is not so easy to do and you may feel like hiding away. However, for the sake of managing family life it may be necessary to turn to your support network even during the early days.

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