Donors & Partnerships Benefits:

  • *Brand loyalty
  • *Attract new business partners
  • *Attract new customers
  • *Recognition for the good you create in society
  • *Protect Your Local Community
  • *Activate the Reward Center in Your Brain
  • *Improve Life Satisfaction
  • *Feel Happier
  • *Induce Civic Engagement
  • *All contributors receive a tax deduction

Benefits for The Family & Father:

  • *Families are  provided with resources that research shows as being most vital to avoid being re-incarcerated
  • *Families will have the support necessary for successful reentry
  • *Fathers will be provided with a mentor
  • *Families will get housing support
  • *Families will be provided clothing and other household  necessities
  • *Fathers will be provided reentry programs
  • *Fathers will be provided employment opportunities
  • *Fathers will have adequate means of travel to and from  their jobs

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