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Your Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

Building Families Together is providing help for childrenIt is important that we provide help for children. Roughly 10% of incarcerated parents in state prison have a child in a foster home or other state care.  Some estimates indicate that as many as 1 in 8 children whose parents were recently arrested are subjects of mistreatment and investigated by child welfare agencies. Though there is clearly overlap between the prison system and the child welfare system. Prison officials have difficulty knowing how to help incarcerated parents stay in touch with their children in foster care and work towards reunification.   

Finding Support

It is very important to lean on family and friends during this time and accept help that is available to you. Building Families Together appreciates that this is not so easy to do and you may feel like hiding away. However, for the sake of managing family life it may be necessary to turn to your support network even during the early days.

How to Cope

Losing your fatherChildren in this situation feel very emotional and this may be likened to grief. Children may be left wondering how are they going to cope with the daily chores, school, and managing life. It is very natural to feel overwhelmed by this and lose confidence. Many children cope with this situation differently and do what they feel is right. For some it may appear as though they are coping and getting on with things but for others it may be the opposite.


  1. Write down all the questions you have and start to work through them slowly.
  2. Seek advice sometimes it is important to seek advice instead of doing it alone. 
  3. Exercise. Regular exercise can help your brain better deal with stress.
  4. Meditation. Tap into your inner monk. Meditation can take many forms. Simply doing light stretching, deep breathing, Yoga, or Tai Chi can help.
  5. Take a break. If you try to power through the frustration it will only leave you more stressed.
  6. Go outside.Changing your surroundings can help reduce your stress.
  7. Take deep breaths. This one is so simple and so effective, it’s a shame more of us don’t breathe to reduce stress.


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