New Opportunities

What is in it for you?

We would like volunteers to know, this is not a thankless opportunity nor is it grunt work. We offer our volunteers the opportunity to work closely with the Board and CEO. Our volunteers are seen as the expert in the field they have chosen to assist with in the organization. You provide the guidance and Building Families Together will provide the means. We are here to help you grow professionally and assist you in any way with this task, remember you are the expert. In addition, we will provide you the opportunity to make new friends, increase social contact, enhance resume, you will also be first in line when paid positions open, the CEO personally writes letters recommendation upon request.

The CEO/Founder has spent many hours and her own funds into implementing Building Families Together. However, only through the help of dedicated and professional volunteers was Building Families Together able to grow. Currently, we are lacking sufficient funds and marketing experience to complete our mission successfully. Therefore, the following volunteer positions are needed:

Volunteer Fundraising Consultant

We would like to start fundraising projects ASAP through the end of 2017. In this year, we would like to help families with reentry services, family counseling, substance abuse services, clothing, food, utilities, and other necessities for survival.

Crowdfunding Consultant

We are currently lacking the expertise on “how” to go about acquiring enough funds for our mission. We were told Crowdfunding was a good avenue. The current individuals at Building Families Together do not have a clue about how or where to even start. However, we would like to implement a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to help in our mission starting in ASAP and going through 2017. 

Grant Writer

In this position, you will work closely with the Board and the CEO of Building Families Together. In this position, you may have to attend some Board meetings and be available for phone or Skype conferences when needed. This individual will find and write the grants; however, we will assist in any way we can. 

Social Media and Public Relations Assistance

We are looking for a marketer to take our organization to the next level. We are in need of social media marketing and public relations assistance to help us get the word out about who we are and what we are trying to do for fathers, mothers and their children. 

Program Design for Re-entry

We are looking to have someone to assist in research and development of our program. Help plan and implement activities for families based on what is free and where they live. We have partnered with some community organizations to provide a positive, inspiring and safe place for families to grow and develop as a unit. In order for our grants to be successful we need to build programs to meet a comprehensive framework. 

Attract Corporate Sponsors, Partners, and Donors

We need marketing and public relations individuals to help us create a robust campaign for branding, corporate sponsors and partners, donations, etc. This is a priority for us because we are ready to start assisting our families in a setting that is conducive to rebuilding their family structure. We are trying to obtain a transitional facility. This facility will provide us with the means to provide all necessary reentry programs. 


Blogs are to be posted on a weekly basis to this website.


  • Write blog articles on a weekly basis; 1 blog post a week on Monday
  • Blog articles should support Building Families Together’s mission


  • Excellent writing/editing and verbal communications skills are a must
  • Passion for writing advice or interest articles intended for our population
  • Familiarity with editing and manipulating website content
  • High energy individual who is quick to learn
  • Highly collaborative team member

Note: All jobs can be completed virtually. The task should not take more than 6 weeks.