“Giving back is something that comes from the heart to me. It’s not that I do it because it’s the right thing: I do it because I want do it.” ~ Henry Kravis

Special Members

(Special Members Application directly below for your convenience) 

Board Member:

You are needed to help an underserved and underrepresented population. Your role is key in guiding the organization’s mission while also ensuring that the population we serve is not forgotten. The actions you take will become their hope to rebuilding their lives and their families.

The positions available can be specific to your career area of expertise. For example, if you are an accountant you can be placed on the board as Treasurer.

Committee Member: 

As a Committee Member your role is crucial to the Board and Building Families Together. You will assist in starting programs and organizing events as needed by your Committee Chair. The role of the Committee Person is to support the Board or Chair of the Committee. For example, if the Treasurer is the Chair of the Fundraising Committee, you will assist the Treasurer in making sure things runs smoothly.  


Mentors provide information and knowledge. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 

As a mentor you will guide men to self-improvement where they think they cannot improve. You will help them grow as a man, father, and spouse, and gain the courage to overcome existing fears and doubts. As a mentor you will be working in the community and under direct supervision of the Board President Earnell Brown

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