The Power of The Family Takes Commitment

Family Hug

The Power of The Family Takes Commitment
by Linda De Carvalho

man looks shockedAfter weeks of feeling sick, Fred finally went to see the doctor. After his examination, the doctor pulled his wife aside and told her, “Your husband’s diagnosis is dismal but maybe you can turn things around. Try making him feel comfortable with three home-cooked meals each day, a back rub every morning, breakfast in bed, full massage in the afternoon, and keep the house spotless.” Later that evening, Fred asked his wife, “What did the doctor tell you?” Her answer was swift, “You’re dying!”

Of course, this story was meant to be funny but also it illustrates how commitment may be difficult for many of us. No matter how much you may love someone, when a problem comes around, it might seem easier to just disappear for a while. Or what about that big purchase you made! You signed that huge agreement without reading it. Then when something goes wrong, you go back to that big document looking for a way out.

Committing to someone or something means sticking through the good times and the bad. And when family members commit to each other, their united front can be very powerful and help all family members withstand storms. The power of the family is not about wealth, status, or lineage. Family power is about staying together because you are better together. It’s all for one and one for all! You share common goals like watching a favorite show or going to the beach. But you also respect each other’s opinions when you don’t agree.

Here’s some ways to make your family more powerful!

Family HugStart with a hug. Let those positive emotions surface with a hug. Not only will your feelings improve, hugs also provide some bonus health benefits! When you hug, your body’s oxytocin levels are boosted helping to calm your nerves, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, and help you to sleep.

Don’t be afraid to say, “I love you” or “I’m sorry.” I don’t know about you, but sometimes these words might be hard to say. Just ask your kids! Communication does wonders for any relationship. It’s important to express our feelings so we are not misunderstood. Many times, just hearing the right words from a loved one makes all the difference in the world.

You’re on the same team. Remember that being a family is not a competition. All members are winners when they stay together and move in a positive direction. Ask yourself how you can help or support another family member with a problem or project they’re working on.

Create with some fun. Find some time to do an activity that everyone in the family will love. Maybe share a movie night, trip to the park, or play your favorite game. Don’t forget that old saying, “the family that plays together, stays together.” Doing fun things as a family can help to keep everyone’s spirits up and strengthen ties.

Family FunTake advantage of the good times! Remind each other how wonderful it is to be a family when things are going well. Trust me, you need to bond when things are rosy because it’s much harder to do when all trouble breaks loose. Don’t let an opportunity to share the joys of being a family pass you by. Maybe one of your kids just told a funny joke or you just finished taking a family group selfie—both would be a great time to let your family know how much they mean to you. Or maybe a big group hug is more your style. Either way, do something that expresses your feelings and helps to strengthen the bond between you.

Keep in mind that members feel more secure when they know that they are part of a group that cares about them. With life’s ups and downs, keeping the family together is powerful and makes good sense. You’ll always have someone to turn to when you need help with a project, need a big hug, or maybe just a shoulder to cry on.

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