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Resources Provided
by Building Families Together

 resourcesA lot of work and effort goes into providing the right resources to fathers who have just been released from jail/prison. Once you are legally recognized as an offender many things change. Building Families Together’s resources are here to help you deal with those changes. The way people see and interact with you is different once you are out of prison. Because of the history of incarceration, it can hinder the process of finding employment, housing, and successful reentry.

Different Kind of Service

Community correction includes the supervision and management of returning citizens to keep them away from any kind of situation that could lead to recidivism. Many times, community correction also becomes a substitute of punishment for an offence. It is imperative for the people going through community service to report to their community correction officer and sometimes they also need to join a community service program or a rehabilitation program.

Our services provide help to the returning citizensOur services provide help to the returning fathers that will best serve them on the successful reintegration back home and into society. This is done through giving interventions to returning citizens that want to make a positive difference in their lives and their families lives. We focus on reducing the involvement of returning citizen from the criminal justice system. Building Families Together promotes law-abiding lifestyles among returning fathers so that they become good citizens, husbands, and fathers.

Why Should You Choose Us? 

The main objective of our services is to promote healthy family structures and crime prevention. We try to identify the reasons that sends fathers back to jail/prison. In doing this, it is important to look at things through their perspective and come up with acceptable resources. We provide resources that can assist the entire family unit that helps them be productive and creative, distracting them from constant negative emotions that could harm the family.

reentry Navigating this reentry process on your own can be terrifying. We know that no father wants to risk their chance of being re-incarcerated and taken away from their family. Allow us to guide you because we have dedicated individuals ready to serve. We help with employment opportunities, education, mental health, housing, house hold items, clothing, food, etc. In addition, we independently represent and work for you to find the best professionals resources that meet your individual needs.

Counseling Services

We also provide counseling for a vast variety of reasons e.g substance abuse, mental health, and family counseling.

Educational Services 

Community libraries and Building Families Together is working together to provide educational services are made possible. For instance, obtaining a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED). Each person’s case is individually planned according to the requirements needed.


Changing the moral and general attitude of returning citizens towards the society is our paramount concern. Changing negative and un-trusting attitudes into something which makes them more involved and aware. In addition, eliminating systemic racial discrimination or any other kind of discrimination based on the surroundings of the returning citizen. We ourselves also do not discriminate while providing our services and we make sure everyone gets equal and fair treatment from our staff and volunteers. We promise that our services are egalitarian.


partnerships in our communityBuilding Families Together researches possible work sites and partnerships in our community to service our clients. While keeping in mind the criminal history of our client. Through our partnerships we can provide a wide variety of services. IKEA is now hiring our clients and immediate openings are available. Providing social and intellectual development for our client in the best possible manner bringing a change in society. We can provide the best possible services and we promise to fulfill our tasks with utmost sincerity.

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