Dear Building Families Together, GREAT MESSAGE!! Thank you for sharing your Blogs, thoughts, your insights, your intellect, and most importantly, […]


I do support defending prison reform definitely because I think that the system in place now is horribly skewed and […]


What a beautiful website and I love that your blog comes directly from your heart. Many people (including me) forget […]


Wow. When I started to read what your content was, it was very touching. In fact, it brought tears to […]


Building Families Together, I really like the mission of your website, it’s clear and understandable! It’s true that released incarcerated […]


I love this Idea. People think I’m crazy but I’m a musician that always wanted to create a course to […]


Hello Building Families Together, I have really enjoyed your posts, like the way you write, you make a reader feel […]


Seems like you found some great websites for people that have been in the system to find a job. I […]


Hi guys, I love your mission. Yes, released offenders have a lot of needs that the families and the society […]