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Our Programs

Thank You for Considering Us as Your Resource

Much effort goes into providing services to our families. Especially the fathers who are recently released from incarceration. Many things change once you are legally recognized as a person with a record. Our services are here to help you and your family understand those changes. The way people see and interact with you is different, you become mindful of what you say and how you react to certain situations. People can substitute a normal reaction to a hyped reaction instantly, only because of your history. These are just a few of the adversities to overcome.

Community Corrections

Many times, community corrections are substitutes for continued punishment for a returning citizen’s offence. It is imperative for the returning citizen going through court ordered community services to report to their probation/parole officer and possibly seek other rehabilitation programs ordered by the courts.

Our services differ because we are not court ordered. The father, mother or child can seek our help voluntarily. Building Families Together’s community correction services include providing returning citizens coping skills and assistance. We provide community resources to help the family adjust in a healthy manner. Building Families Together provides interventions to families that want to make a positive difference in their lives. We focus on reducing the recidivism rate by providing a vast array of reentry services.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We go through each person’s case individually and customize a plan according to the requirements that they need. Our services are to promote crime prevention and build strong and healthy family units. Depending on the services provided we closely monitor and coordinate the development of the returning citizen and their family.

We provide community counseling services to those that need anger management, so triggers can be identified. It is the hopes that skills are gained that will provide the means to dissolve a situation in an acceptable and positive manner. Resolving situations in a positive manner can teach how to channel their anger into productive, positive, and loving behavior. In addition, our services include General Educational Development of the returning citizens as well as their families. By making sure these services are available, this may increase the chance to gain meaningful employment opportunities.

Providing these services can help change the moral and the general attitude of returning citizens towards society and themselves. We try to change their belief system into something which makes them more involved with their families and ultimately their communities.

Building Families Together aims to eliminate systemic racial discrimination or any other kind of discrimination based on the fact someone was incarcerated. We do not discriminate while providing our services and we make sure everyone gets equal and fair treatment. Building Families Together considers the social and intellectual development of the individual as well as the family in the best possible manner. For bringing a change in the society, it is vital for us to come together and develop the social and intellectual mindsets of the returning citizen and their family. We can provide the best possible services for you and we promise to fulfill our tasks with utmost sincerity.