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Our Mission, Vision, & Purpose


To help rebuild families torn apart by incarceration, by reintegrating fathers back into their homes, while inspiring the entire family unit to overcome adversities.


Our vision is to break the cycle of incarceration by implementing initiatives that ensures a quality future, life and foundation for fathers, mothers, and their children. By the implementation of reentry services, this underserved population will be provided the assistance that is in dire need.


Our Purpose is to serve a grossly underserved population by:

  • Providing returning father’s reentry programs
  • Providing mothers & children with necessities while the father is incarcerated
  • Act as a source of information & referrals concerning their needs
  • Providing resources to the entire family unit
  • Providing families tools for growth and development 
  • Educating fathers, mothers, and children of possible challenges 
  • Educating the public & all levels of government about incarcerated father’s 


Building Families Together Inc. was founded March 2016 by founder and C.E.O. Sherry Green. This nonprofit was born from the desire, grit, and determination of her passion to help fight the overcrowding in prisons, recidivism, and to assist with prison reform. Her vision is magnified through the Corporation’s mission to help returning citizens and their families become educated about the hardships the father will face when returning home. Her desire is to prevent generational imprisonment within families, broken homes, and recidivism.