Criteria To Get Help From Building Families Together

  • You are a father released from jail or prison in the last 12 months; you live inside the home with the mother and child since released


  • Your husband/boyfriend has been incarcerated 6 months or less; you lived together for 2 consecutive years before his incarceration


  • Your children in the home are 18 years or younger


  • The entire family unit is ready and wanting assistance and a positive change


  • Live in the Northwest Suburb of Illinois e.g. Schaumburg, Elgin, Aurora, Dupage (to name a few) 


Stable families means a great foundation. For Building Families Together this is our core intention. We want to keep that foundation intact or rebuild the foundation. 

*If you find you don't meet all the criteria still contact us and we may be able to work with you.