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Families Are Struggling

Families Are Struggling 

The number of children with an incarcerated father in prison has grown 79% since 1991. In addition, 24 million children—one out of three—live without their dad in the home. Wouldn’t you agree this can be devastating on these children? Some studies also show parental incarceration can be more traumatic than a parent’s death or divorce, and the damage it can cause to a child’s education, health, and social relationships puts them at higher risk of one day going to prison themselves. 

Between 1991 and 2007, the number of incarcerated adults with children (under eighteen years of age) increased by 79 percent (Glaze and Maruschak 2008). Startling statistic wouldn’t you agree?

In Illinois alone, there were approximately ninety thousand minor children affected by a parent’s incarceration (Lowenstein 2007). Most of these parents are nonviolent offenders, currently serving an average sentence of eighty months in prison facilities over one hundred miles from where their children live (La Vigne, Davies, and Brazzell 2008). Wouldn’t that devastate you being that far away from your child?

In Illinois children and families are struggling right now. Recently some 186,000 children in Illinois have a parent who has served time behind bars. Having a parent in jail or prison can have the same impact on a child’s well-being as abuse or domestic violence.

Families Are In Distress

For many years, the incarceration rates has increased and during that time many families have been torn apart. Building Families Together, with your help can start rebuilding these families and our communities by keeping the father in the home. This is done through reentry services. These kinds of services address the needs that reduce the risks of recidivism, substance abuse relapse, and family violence. These services promote job readiness, a vast array of consulting and counseling services, free family activities, and much more. Reentry strategies promote child, family, and community well-being.

For Building Families Together to be successful in this mission, we ask if you agree that not having a father in the home can be devastating to these children, if you agree this high percentage rate is a startling statistic, and if you agree that you would be devastated being so far removed from your child(ren), then donate now to help support, ​​to help heal, and to help rebuild our families and communities. (click button below)

“Charity Sees The Need Not The Cause”

Your contribution has just assisted a family with a better quality of life by keeping the family together and you have lessened the suffering of a father, mother, and child. Building Families Together Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, nonprofit. Contributions, both monetary and in-kind are tax deductible. EIN number will be provided in an Thank You Email. If you wish to use your credit card-Click the “Help Families in Need” button. Thank you!

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